Types of Memorials

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Types of Burial Plots

Cemeteries offer several types of plots for in-ground burial. The cemetery also has mausoleums and burial spaces for cremations.

Burial Plot for One Person: This is a plot that holds the remains of one person buried in a casket.
Companion Plots: Burial Plots for Couples. Called "Companion Plots," these plots are large enough for two caskets. The caskets will be placed in the earth one on top of the other. The advantage is that families can save money because only one headstone is required and only one outer container is required.
Burial Plots for Families: Families who wish to have different generations buried together in one spot can purchase family plots.
Burial Plots for Cremation Urns: Remains that have been cremated and placed in an urn can be buried in the ground in a cemetery as well. They may be placed in a plot with other family urns or near casket burial plots or they may be buried as individual graves.


Mausoleum prices often increase yearly. Purchasing a mausoleum before in time of need will reduce the cost in later buying. Best Price Guarantee The prices will increase yearly due to the cost of the raw material , labor cost, and the demand of a certain color. Crypt Headstone Bronz Headstone


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